• Windows 7 vs Windows Vista Performance Comparison

    With the release of a new operating system, one of the first questions that pops into your head–besides how much it is going to cost you–is if it will increase the performance of your machine. Newer operating systems are usually more optimized, designed to start quicker, load programs faster, and increase performance with better drivers. […]

  • Vantec LapCool 4 Notebook Cooler Review pics

    By Aric W., Toronto, Canada Vantec and their logo on the Vantec LapCool 4 notebook cooler LapCool 4 alongside Asus Z70va notebook to be cooled (view larger image) The Vantec LapCool 4 is the 4th design of the LapCool series by Vantec. Vantec is a computer company that specializes in peripherals, from 3.5″ Hard Drive […]

  • Vantec eSATA PCMCIA Card Review

    by Greg Ross Do you have too many USB devices?   Enough that you are starting to have bandwidth issues?   Or are you craving a faster external hard drive for backups or media sharing or as a network drive?   Do you desperately need more hard drive space for your laptop, but do not […]

  • Windows 7 – To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Windows 7 hits the streets , and with it something rather new from a recent Microsoft operating system: Positive reviews. Does this mean you should definitely update your OS — and be your entire system — just for the sake of embracing Windows 7? Or is this just another hypefest that will end in tears […]

  • VAIO Z Canvas Review

    Almost two years ago, Sony called it quits on its computer division, but that didn’t spell the permanent end of the VAIO brand. It only resulted in a metamorphosis– one that has manifested in the appearance of the Z Canvas, a high-end tablet running Windows 10 Pro. Those familiar with previous VAIO computers will likely […]