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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

    Smartphone manufacturers have been facing a rather difficult problem over the last few years; consumers want bigger screens, but they don’t want bigger phones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most eloquent solution we’ve seen to that problem. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is basically all screen with its eye-catching infinity edge design. Despite its large […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review: Near Perfect

    The Samsung Galaxy edge smartphonesare unquestionably the most attractive on the market. The sloped display edges literally turn heads, and Android icons almost appear to float on the AMOLED screen. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a stunning smartphone. The problem is that the edges have limited utility. Sure, Samsung offers Edge panels, Edge feeds, […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review: A Tough Act to Follow

    What happens when you take the Samsung Galaxy S7and wrap it in a protective coating? You get one of the best rugged smartphones on the market. However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is more than just a durable version of its predecessor. With a larger battery and a customizable active button the phone is sporting […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review: One Small Step

    There have been lots of phones like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Phones designed to be not too small but not too big. Phones built with smooth metal around chamfered edges. Even phones made to signify a sea change for a given company. Samsung Galaxy Alpha The difference is that none of those other devices come […]

  • Nokia 8 Review

    At long last, Nokia delivers a modern Android smartphone in the form of the new Nokia 8. A single device that combines a credible name, impressive craftsmanship, enviable technical specifications and pure Android OS – just like on Pixels, but with a lower price – gives HMD Global the right to hope there is still […]