Fujitsu unwraps new “zero watt” PC

Fujitsu unwraps new “zero watt” PC

Fujitsu showed off a new zero watt PC today in anticipation of CeBIT’s upcoming show.

Don’t worry, it isn’t violating thermodynamics, rather, it shuts completely off when it isn’t being used. That not sound impressive, but many desktops manage to use up to four watts of power when they’re plugged in, even while turned off.

The new machine is aimed at businesses that often leave computers turned on 24/7 so that they can push out software updates and patches when not being used, like at 3am. Fujitsu is building software into the machines that turns them on in a low-power mode according to a pre-determined schedule. Once the window has passed, the machine once again turns completely off. In addition to the scheduling options it offers, Fujitsu is using an 89% efficient power supply and meets the Energy Star 5.0 specification.

We don’t know yet if this machine will come to America, but it’s worth noting if for no other reason than manufacturers are finally taking the problems posed by vampire power a little more seriously.

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