Intel Putting Atom into Pentium, Celeron

Intel Putting Atom into Pentium, Celeron

Intel is taking the Atom CPU architecture mainstream: starting with Bay Trail, its next-generation plans for the low-powered CPU, the chip giant will introduce new Pentium and Celeron models based on the low-end processor. While Atom CPUs have been used in some PC settings, like the occasional all-in-one or netbook, this will be the first time Intel brings the Atom into some of its more mainstream chip lines.

Ever since Intel introduced the Core architecture several years ago, the Pentium and Celeron chips have been rebranded and made to serve at the lower-end of the computer spectrum. They currently power introductory desktops, notebooks, all-in-ones, and others. Now, Atom can join in on the fun.

Using a part with a very low such as the Atom CPU, Intel can help manufacturers achieve superior battery life and heat dissipation in the new products.

The next-generation of Intel’s CPUs, codenamed Haswell, will be unveiled next week at Computex. It’s not known if there will be Haswell-powered Celerons and Pentiums, though it seems likely.

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