Logitech v450 Notebook Mouse Review and Comparison to v200

Logitech v450 Notebook Mouse Review and Comparison to v200

Logitech V200 VS. V450 Notebook Mouse Review

Logitech, for many years, has created top quality mice among other things. Currently their best portable notebook mouse is the v450, which only recently came out. Having used the ever-reliable v200 for quite some time now, I decided to try out the new v450.

v200 on the left, v450 on the right (view large image)

Similar Overall Specifications:

  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Cordless/storable USB 2.4 GHz receiver
  • USB operated
  • Left and Right hand usage
  • 4-Way scroll Panel
  • Estimated 1-year battery life
  • Low battery life warning
  • 3-year warranty

(Very few) Different Specifications

Logitech v450Logitech v200– Laser tracking– Invisible light optical tracking– Rubberized side grips– Plastic construction– Really really small micro receiver– Small micro receiver – $49.99– $39.99

As you can see, both mice are very similar to each other. They even use the same Logitech SetPoint software. Both come with 2 AA batteries, an installation guide, and a pretty reliable 3-year warranty. However, both mice aren’t the same as you will know why very soon…

The packaging on these mice is really great. They have perforated outlines that allow you to easily open them from the back (no scissors required)


v200 on the left, v450 on the right (view large image)

The Logitech v450 looks rather different from the more traditional looking v200. Whereas the v200 looks like, well, a mouse, the v450 was created with more ergonomics in mind. It has a curvy shape, with more contoured bodylines to accommodate the placement of your hand and has slightly indented grooves for your fingers. The mouse buttons are seamless and give the mouse a more stylish and flowing look.

Like the v200, the top part of the mouse is made of plastic, but has rubber side grips that make the mouse feel better constructed — adding to the very sturdy feel both devices have. As for colors, the v200 comes in black, blue, red, and silver while the v450 comes only in a silver and black mix. Some other countries actually have a charcoal and black mixed v450 available, but this is not so in the US.

v450 below (view large image)

v450 on the right (view large image)

The v200 is longer than the v450 but the v450 is a bit wider.

v200 on the left, v450 on the far right, a regular Logitech mouse in the middle for size comparison (view large image)

Since both mice are intended for mobility, they are smaller than your average size mouse. Some people with big hands might not like the v450 or the v200 so you should try it before you buy it.


Both mice are plug and play devices. There is no button to press to connect the mice to the USB receiver. After using both mice, I really can’t say there is a difference between the invisible optical technology and the laser technology. be there is a slight difference when playing games with the mice but then again, notebook mice aren’t really that great for gaming anyway. Overall, both tracking technologies seem great and they work on almost all surfaces.

SetPoint software (view large image)

The SetPoint software that both mice come with is really useful. You can check the status of your battery life and configure all the buttons on the mouse. The side-to-side scroll wheel is really helpful in that it can be set to go back and forward on websites. Both mice have the same amount of buttons and you can only configure them and check their battery lives with the SetPoint software but you do not need the software to use the mice.

v200 on the top, v450 on the bottom (view large image)

v200 on the top, v450 on the bottom (view large image)

bottom view of v450 with receiver going in to storage slot (view large image)

bottom view of v450 with receiver snapped in for storage (view large image)

One of the important differences between the v200 and the v450 is that the v450’s USB receiver actually goes into the mouse and does not stick out while the v200’s USB receiver is snapped onto the bottom of the mouse. The v200’s receiver is easy to knock off when you put it in a bag to travel, which can waste battery life. Initially I found that the v450’s receiver actually fit too snugly into the mouse and was hard to take out, but after a while the receiver got a little looser and is now a little easier to take out of the mouse.

Both mice turn off when the USB receiver is put in/on them, but the v450 has an on/off button on the bottom of the mouse that allows you to turn it off even without the USB receiver inside it.

v450 receiver is the smaller one on top (view large image)

here you can see how much smaller the v450 receiver is (view large image)

Another major difference between the v200 and the v450 is that the v450 has a smaller USB receiver, which doesn’t protrude as much when plugged into a laptop. It is the tiniest little thing I have ever seen.

Both wireless USB 2.4 GHz receivers work past five meters. In testing the v450 goes about a meter more, but that could just be because of newer batteries. Either way, five meters is more than adequate for a wireless mouse designed for a notebook.

Both mice hold 2 AA batteries. You are able to open the v200 just by sliding the top cover down. This can be a problem if it accidentally opens in a laptop bag. The v450 actually has a button (circled in red) that releases the battery cover, which makes it immune to accidental openings.

Here’s a comparison of the mice size to a human foot, look at that tan line! (view large image)

All in All

I must say, Logitech really made two great notebook mice that beat anything else out there. Some differences between the v200 and the v450 make the v450 a bit better overall. But if you don’t want to spend that much on a notebook mouse, the v200 is still great.

General Pros and ConsPros — v200

  • Good response/tracking
  • Good USB receiver range
  • Easy to install (so easy, why do they even include directions…)
  • 1-year battery life

Cons — v200

  • Can accidentally open the cover of the battery compartment
  • Can accidentally knock off the USB receiver when it is on the mouse, wasting battery life.

Pros — v450

  • Includes all the same pros as the v200
  • Ergonomic design/Rubber side grips
  • USB receiver slides into the mouse
  • On/off button
  • Battery cover release button

Cons — v450

  • USB receiver is hard to take out of the mouse (in the first week of use)
  • I Wish they had the charcoal/black color in the US





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