Logitech VX Revolution Mouse Review

Logitech VX Revolution Mouse Review

by Caleb Schmerge


How often do you scroll in the average sitting at your computer?   Once an hour, once a minute, once every few seconds?   How much do you end up scrolling?   Does it ever get on your nerves?

Logitech VX Revolution Mouse (view large image)

Logitech did studies that show the average person switches active windows every 50 seconds, and that in an 8 hour day of computer use that average person would scroll 26 feet.  What if you could scroll all of that with a single flick of the scroll wheel?

The Logitech VX Revolutionis the notebook mouse that will answer your prayers.  Using Logitech’s new MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel, you can scroll at unbelievable speeds for up to seven seconds with a single flick of the scroll wheel.  But don’t forget the other features, including forward/backward buttons, a zoom slider, a search button, application switch button, performance laser, and a comfortable, sculpted body.  Logitech has built what could be the nicest notebook mouse ever.



The revolutionary scroll wheel is one of the major selling points on Logitech’s new mouse.  It sounds like a feature you might never use, but you would be surprised how helpful it is to have a nearly frictionless scroll wheel.  Aside from being more comfortable to use than any other mouse I have used, it has amazing precision.  When you roll the wheel slowly, it goes slowly, when you flick it as fast as you can, it scrolls as fast as it can.  It took a few hours to get used to, due to its high precision (if you’re not careful, it will scroll if you tilt the mouse), but once I figured it out, it made scrolling very easy and comfortable.

Some people might not want to have a free scrolling mouse.  What about those times when you need to make sure you go click by click?   Logitech thought of that too.  On the bottom of the mouse there is a simple switch that allows you to go from free spinning to a click based wheel (also more comfortable than the average mouse).  Despite being very fond of the free spinning, I still find myself using the mouse in this mode every now and then as well.  This option makes the mouse the most versatile I have found.

Zoom Button

Many skeptics might say that having a zoom switch on your mouse is overkill, but that’s just because they have never had it.  It not be as necessary as the left mouse button, but it comes in handy quite often.  Zoom in to do your work without straining your eyes (very important for those that work long hours on their computer), and zoom out to make sure your document is formatted the way you want.  This feature offers potential, but if you still don’t see the need, don’t worry, everything about this mouse is fully customizable, so just switch the settings to what you need.

Search Button

The Internet has been one of the most helpful tools that humans have created.  It gives us a place to escape to, a place to do research, a place to do business, or whatever your heart desires.  The search button, located just below the scroll wheel, allows you to search your favorite search engine with the push of a button.  Set your favorite, whether it be Google or Yahoo (there are many more options available, too), highlight a word in any application, click the button, and the search results open in a new window.  Or, if you don’t like that feature, make it do whatever you want, anything from a custom key selection, to opening a new program.

Forward / Back Buttons

If you have ever had or used a mouse with forward/back buttons, I don’t need to say more.  This is one of the best features you can have for surfing the Internet, easily navigating documents, or finding your files on your computer.  You no longer have to move from where you are to find the back button, and slip and hit refresh instead.  The buttons are right there, and much quicker to access than anything on screen.  These are placed so that you can use your thumb to access them, without having to move your hand from its already comfortable position.

Laser Tracking

Let’s be honest, your mouse could have 1 million nice features, but if it can’t track, it isn’t worth anything.  This mouse blows this department out of the water.  I have owned multiple Logitech Mice, including the MX 1000, and no mouse can come close to the VX Revolution in the tracking department.  I have used this mouse on mouse pads, wood desks, paper, books, jeans, carpet, and many other surfaces.  It even scrolls on the side of a clear plastic container.  There are few mice that can do this without having noticeable skips and jumps.  This makes the VX Revolution a dream to use.  I originally bought it because I needed a better mouse for traveling, one that wouldn’t cause my wrist to cramp, and now I find that I use it quite often because of how well it works, much more than just traveling.

USB Wireless Key

I would say that a USB key wireless receiver is the most unappealing part of using a wireless mouse.  For desktop users it isn’t big deal, but for a laptop, having all sorts of USB keys that you are constantly removing, storing, and trying not to break is quite a hassle.  This key is better than most for several reasons.  First, it is stored in the mouse, with a button that releases it.  This will help solve those annoying storage problems.  Conveniently, when the key is stored, the mouse is also automatically turned off to prevent any unnecessary power drain.  The key is also a lot smaller than most USB keys.  It is about 1 1/4thinches long, and only as wide as a USB port.  Now, this leaves only the question of damaging the key while in use.  I have found that this key is more durable than most flash drives or other USB keys that I have used.  While I have never tried this, Logitech will also sell you a second key if you break or lose yours, without requiring you to buy the whole mouse again.


Another annoying part of most wireless devices is batteries.  This mouse isn’t so bad in terms of batteries.  It uses a single AA battery, and the one battery can last for close to 6 months.  Logitech will even include your first battery for free.  This helps keep the mouse light, and is convenient for when you need new batteries, because you only need one.


This mouse is one of the most comfortable computer mice you will ever use.  Many people complain that notebook mice are too small, but this one is just the right size to fit in your hand, and has a contoured shape.  The sides of the mouse have rubberized grips and the buttons are contoured to your fingers.  Logitech also used nice, over sized feet that allow the mouse to be smooth on virtually any surface.  The Logitech VX Revolutionis great for notebook users who want a portable yet comfortable and functional mouse.


  • Comfortable
  • Lots of Features
  • Great build/quality
  • Stores USB Key


  • Expensive
  • USB Key





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