Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Coming on October 17th

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Coming on October 17th

Microsoft announced this week that the much-awaited update to Windows, Windows 8.1, will be shipping in roughly two months. The update will be a free download to all users of Windows 8, available in the Windows Store – much like how Apple rolled operating system updates into their OS X App Store, Microsoft has started to migrate their own software updates to the Windows store.

A blog on the Microsoft site revealed that the download would go live at midnight on 18th (New Zealand time – 7:00am EDT / 4:00am EDT 17th).

Screenshot: Microsoft – Credit: The Verge

Recent weeks have shown that Microsoft will be adding some significant new featuresin the upcoming release, including the return of the Start button (well, sort of – it just launches the Start screen), improvements to Win 8’s split-screen applications, IE11, superior search, and more.

We’ll also see the addition of a power panel in the Mail app and, perhaps most significantly, Skype will be bundled with the operating system from this point forward.

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