Mobile Edge Select Backpack Review pics

Mobile Edge Select Backpack Review pics

by Andrew Baxter, New York USA

Many of us today carry a standard sized (14-inch to 15.4-inch screen) laptop to work or school along with a few books, documents and electronic accessories. If you’re such a person, what you need is a good backpack that can hold and protect your laptop, and then give you ample room to store those other items you carry. A rugged yet professional looking backpackthat can suit this need comes from the company Mobile Edge in the form of the Select Backpack.

Choose from 3 different colors with the Select backpack from Mobile Edge

The Select backpack is designed to fit notebooks with dimensions of up to 14.5″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″ (L x W x H). That pretty much so means that you can fit any laptop that’s got up to a 15.4-inch screen. If you have a laptop that has a larger screen that that, then you should take a look at the Mobile Edge Premium backpack. The Select backpack offers three different color options:

  • Navy and black
  • Charcoal and black
  • Dr. Pepper Red and black

Our review backpack is of the Navy and black color variety.

The Mobile Edge Select Backpack (view larger image)

Following are a few features of the Select Backpack:

  • SafetyCell computer protection compartment
  • Padded pockets for CDs, PDA and files
  • Media Pocket for MP3/CD Player with headphone SoundPort
  • Cool-Mesh ventilated back panel
  • Detachable cell phone pocket
  • Heavy-Duty Duraflex fittings
  • 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon material construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Suggested Manufacturer Price: $69.99
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 11.5 x 2.5

Now some of those features might sound like marketing nonsense without a bit of explanation. First let’s focus on the SafetyCell protection. SafetyCell is a Mobile Edge self-invented protection system for keeping your laptop safe. Basically it’s a cushioned padding with cells designed to absorb shock before it reaches the laptop. This SafetyCell protection runs up about 75% of the notebook when it’s placed in the special notebook compartment in this bag. The actual back of the bag has sturdy padding too, so you’ll get some extra protection via that.

SafetyCell protection material included with the Select Backpack

The Cool-Mesh on the back of the Select Backpack isn’t to keep the inside of the bag cool, but rather it’s to help keep you cool and prevent your back from getting that nasty sweat patch you tend to get on a hot day carrying a backpack around outside. Now, since it has been pretty cool of late where I live, the Cool-Mesh hasn’t had much of a chance to prove itself. But I will say I like the look a lot and it seems that the mesh will do a good job of wicking away sweat and moisture and then allow that moisture to evaporate easily.

A look into the Mobile Edge Select Backpack with nothing inside of it (view larger image)

A look into the Mobile Edge Select Backpack with my IBM ThinkPad T43 inside (14.1-inch screen type) (view larger image)

The actual nylon material (1680 Dernier Ballistic Nylon) is as rugged as it sounds. The backpack feels and looks very sturdy. I love the fact that it’s very rigid and keeps it’s shape even when it is empty, it doesn’t go all floppy or anything like that. The rubber handle on top is great too, even when I load a ton of stuff into the backpack and it feels heavy I can hold the backpack by this handle (which I have to do when navigating my way onto the subway at times) and the handle’s sturdy feel and attachment to the backpack is reassuring. There’s no way this handle would ever come off, I can’t say the same for other backpacks I’ve experienced.

In the front pocket area there’s a Media Pocket and headphones can be hooked to this through a hole in the bag called the SoundPort

Besides having ample room for your laptop (placed in the notebook compartment), a good sized textbook (of the thick Biology or Calculus type) and some documents and folders in the main compartment, there’s room for other stuff too. On the front of the bag there is a pouch area that’s great for organizing things such as pens, pencils, a calculator, PDA, CD/MP3 player, business cards and all those other little things in your life that just need a place to be put when travelling. One neat thing is that there’s a special Media Pocket inside the front pouch to put your music player in. You can feed the headphones from the player out through a rubber material hole in the bag and listen while on the go. The only problem is it’s impossible to access buttons on the player when the bag is on your back, so if the volume is too loud or a song you want to skip through comes on then you’re out of luck. There’s also a cellphone holder on right side strap that you can slip your candy-bar style mobile phone into. This holder keeps the phone well protected and out of your pocket. My only complaint is that the phone is hard to get to if it rings when in this holder, so if you’re expecting a call I’d just keep the phone in your pocket or a belt case. Each side of the bag also has a small compartment with zippers, you won’t be able to fit a whole lot into these side compartments, but it’s worth having them to put random small stuff in that we all tend to have. My left side zipper compartment became a storage area for paper napkins swiped from fast food restaurants and the right side carried Purell hand sanitizer…don’t ask me why, they just seemed to fit there.

The E-Z Pocket on the front of the Select Backpack is by design for your travel tickets and documents

There’s a couple of final things worth mentioning. One is that the Mobile Edge Select Backpack carries a lifetime warranty so you can be certain Mobile Edge is confident in their product and that it will last. The point I want to make is that this bag is for both professionals or students, it’s got a professional yet stylish look. The design is simply very nice, clean and just a little bit rugged.


For a well designed, reasonably priced backpack that does a great job of carrying your laptop along with other accessories and documents the Mobile Edge Select Backpack fits the bill. There’s little not to like about this bag. Before buying this bag make sure your laptop isn’t of the 17-inch screen variety, and if it is you’ll need to look at the Mobile Edge Premium backpack. Overall a thumbs up on buying this product if it fits your needs.

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