Most Popular Laptops for January 2008

Most Popular Laptops for January 2008

Each month we compile data for the number of times a particular notebook is viewed on this sites product pages to get an idea for what mainstream consumers are looking at and thinking about buying. Not surprising, the Apple MacBook Air generated a lot of excitement with its announcement this and so it rocketed up to the #2 spot in just a few days time. However, the Dell XPS M1530 maintained strength in the top spot.

1. Dell XPS M1530(new to top ten) – The Dell XPS M1530 is the larger brother to the XPS M1330. It’s a 15.4-inch screen sleek looking performance notebook that offers the powerful nVidia 8600m graphics card. The XPS M1530 is available in black, red, midnight blue and white colors.

Buy the XPS M1530 from Dell2. Apple MacBook Air(new to top ten)– The Apple MacBook Air burst onto the scene this month at MacWorld 2008. It’s the thinnest notebook ever. It has a 13.3-inch wide screen display and weighs only 3lbs. It comes equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo low voltage processor and your choice of a speedy 64GB SSD drive or slow 4200RPM 80GB 1.8″ hard drive.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad T61(Previously #2)– The ThinkPad T61 was released in of 2007 and is still holding strong on the most popular charts. The T61 sports the Intel Santa Rosa (Centrino Duo) platform and improves upon the popular T60 by offering an even sturdier build and extra port options.

Buy the ThinkPad T61 direct from Lenovo4. Dell XPS M1330(Previously #4)– The XPS M1330 stays solid on the charts at #5 for the month. The M1330 is a 13.3″ portable notebook with the Intel Santa Rosa processor, Nvidia 8400M graphics and slick looks. The M1330 is available in red, black and white color lid options.

Buy the XPS M1330 direct from Dell

5. Toshiba Satellite A200(previously #5)– The Satellite A200 / A205 series is a 15.4″ screen mainstream offering from Toshiba. It has Core 2 Duo inside and ATI dedicated graphics is configurable with this notebook.

Buy the Toshiba A200 direct from Toshiba6.Sony VAIO SZ(Previously #6)– Performance in a small package, that sums up the Sony VAIO SZ. The bright glossy 13.3″ display is powered by dedicated graphics and the Intel Santa Rosa platform for an extra performance boost. Sony recently released the VAIO SZ6 series.

Buy the Sony VAIO SZ direct from Sony

7. Dell Inspiron 1525(new to top ten)– The Inspiron 1525 was released in early . It has a 15.4-inch screen display and is thinner and lighter than the previous Inspiron 1520. There are no dedicated graphics options for the 1525, but it does offer a range of processor configurations from the budget minded Celeron to the powerful Core 2 Duo.

Buy the Dell Inspiron 1525 direct from Dell

8. Dell Vostro 1500(Previously # 8)– The Dell Vostro 1500 is much like the Inspiron 1520 — it has a 15.4″ display, the same build and for the most part the same port configuration. However, it is aimed at business users and is therefore all black in its looks. You can also configure it with Windows XP. The Vostro 1500 comes with the latest Intel Santa Rosa platform.

Buy the Vostro 1500 direct from Dell

9. Dell Inspiron 1520(Previously #3)– Dell announced the Inspiron 1520 at the end of and since then the Inspiron 1520 has been tearing up the charts. This Dell mainstream 15.4″ has the Intel Santa Rosa platform on board and comes in 8-different color selections. As usual, it can be configured to your heart’s delight.

Buy the Inspiron 1520 direct from Dell

10. Apple MacBook(back in top ten) – The MacBook is a 13.3-inch notebook from Apple that’s been popular for some time now. The MacBook comes with the Leopard OS, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Intel X3100 graphics and of course the sleek Apple design you would expect.

Buy the Apple MacBook direct from Apple

And here’s the rest of ’em rounding out the top 20 most viewed and popular on for the month of :

10. Asus Eee PC

11. Sony VAIO FZ

12. HP Pavilion dv6700t

13. HP Pavilion dv6500t

14. Dell Vostro 1400

15. Lenovo ThinkPad R61

16. Sony VAIO NR

17. Acer Aspire 5520

18. Dell Vostro 1000

19. Lenovo ThinkPad X61

20. Apple MacBook Pro

Remember, to get advice on which notebook to buy don’t just go with what’s popular, visit our What Notebook Should I Buy forumto ask what everyone else thinks you should buy based on your needs. Check out how the current standings for this weeks most popular notebookslooks.

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