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Welcome to the Lenovo Notebook Resource Center. Here you’ll find links to the hottest deals, most comprehensive reviews, and useful resources for the Lenovo ThinkPad & IdeaPad notebooks. Learn which models are most frequently searched on NotebookReview.com, or find out more about why you should buy a ThinkPad or IdeaPad model.


Lenovo ThinkPad Reviews

from NotebookReview.comFOR THE HOME & SCHOOL

Lenovo IdeaPad Reviews

from NotebookReview.com

ThinkPad T400s Review– The thinnest, lightest T Series ever! Take this powerful, ergonomically designed, VoIP-optimized laptop anywhere.

ThinkPad X200 Review– Offers strongest CPU performance and largest storage options in a supremely light and compact ultraportable. Exceptional engineering at its finest, and most affordable.

ThinkPad X301 Review

A premium ultraportable notebook with a 13.3″ LED backlit widescreen display. Well-equipped for extreme performance, enhanced wireless connectivity and the latest digital display technologies.

>More Thinkpad X301 ReviewsThinkPad X200 Review

Offers strongest CPU performance and largest storage options in a supremely light and compact ultraportable. Exceptional engineering at its finest, and most affordable.

>More Thinkpad X200 ReviewsThinkPad X200 Tablet Review

The unique convertible ultraportable PC with LV processor for superior performance. Available with WideView SuperBright LED backlit screen for improved outdoor viewability and multi-touch screen options for optimum usability.

>More Thinkpad X200 Tablet Reviews

ThinkPad X200s– Offers longest battery life and lowest starting weight, plus the same storage options as the X200, and the super-strong carbon and glass fiber top cover offers ultimate durability.

ThinkPad T500 Review

Make quick work of graphics. Power through presentations, multimedia and more. This thin, light widescreen laptop can tackle any task.

>More Thinkpad T500 ReviewsThinkPad T400 Review

Performance meets portability in this laptops lightweight design, switchable graphics and superior power management.

>More Thinkpad T400 ReviewsThinkPad SL500

These small business 15.4″ widescreen ThinkPad notebooks provide extra on-screen landscape for viewing complex spreadsheets, DVD movies and more.

>More Thinkpad SL500 ReviewsThinkPad R500 Review

ThinkPad R500 is a 15.4″ widescreen model designed to give extra work and viewing space for presentations. Enterprises can standardize on the R series at an attractive price without sacrificing performance or energy efficiency.

>More R500 Reviews

Ideapad U350– Just the right balance of style and portability. Very energy efficient and packed with plenty of updated features at a very nice price.

Ideapad Y650 Review– Feature-rich with roomy widescreen, yet thinner and lighter than most 15″ laptops. Features include multi-touch pad and touch-sensitive desktop navigation.

>More Y650 ReviewsIdeapad S10 Review– Just 2.42 lbs., super portable and very easy to use. Great for email, internet, video messaging, photos, homework and more.

>More S10 ReviewsIdeaPad Y730

Versatile selection engineered for entertainment, gaming, outstanding graphics and/or lightning-fast processing. And its gorgeous, roomy widescreen makes it for work or play.

IdeaPad Y550 HD– Packed with multimedia features, DDR3 memory for fast processing, advanced graphics and a high-end Full HD 16:9 widescreen panel for a true cinematic experience.

IdeaPad Y430

Powerful and mid-sized with entertainment features, enhanced graphics capabilities and optimized for hi-def.

IdeaPad Y450– Stylish laptops optimized for HD entertainment. Just over 4.5 lbs and ideal for the road, campus, home and everywhere life, school and work take you.

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As a global leader in the PC market, Lenovo develops, manufactures and markets cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC products and value-added professional services that provide customers around the world with smarter ways to be productive and competitive.

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Why buy a ThinkPad

Lenovo designs PCs to deliver the best user experience. ThinkPad notebooks are thin, light and have features that give employees the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want. Lenovo has models and configurations equipped to meet the specific technology and cost-of-ownership needs of both large enterprise and small business.

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Why buy an IdeaPad notebook?

IdeaPad notebooks come with 17″ and 15″ widescreen displays and an ultraportable 11″ widescreen. And they stand out from the crowd thanks to innovative features like VeriFace facial recognition security, Dolby Home Theater sound, Frameless screen, Multimedia Control Center with touch-sensitive buttons, and GameZone keys with secondary display.

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