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  • Windows 7 – To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Windows 7 hits the streets , and with it something rather new from a recent Microsoft operating system: Positive reviews. Does this mean you should definitely update your OS — and be your entire system — just for the sake of embracing Windows 7? Or is this just another hypefest that will end in tears […]

  • VAIO Z Canvas Review

    Almost two years ago, Sony called it quits on its computer division, but that didn’t spell the permanent end of the VAIO brand. It only resulted in a metamorphosis– one that has manifested in the appearance of the Z Canvas, a high-end tablet running Windows 10 Pro. Those familiar with previous VAIO computers will likely […]

  • What DirectX 11 and Windows 7 Means for Gamers

    By: Dustin Sklavos With the pending release of Windows 7 comes DirectX 11, a new iteration of Microsoft’s programming interface for 3D games. DirectX 10 debuted with Windows Vista to a stunning meh, and has since then proven itself to be…meh. Will DirectX 11 redeem the franchise, or just cement the DirectX reputation as mere […]

  • Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show Review

    Zohois a free Web-based productivity suite aimed squarely at the MS Office crowd. Does Zoho have what it takes to convince you leave Microsoft’s high-priced businessware behind, or is it just another cloud-based pretender? We break it down in this review. PRODUCT OVERVIEW The easiest description of Zoho is Google Docson steroids, though that doesn’t […]

  • Windows 10 Continuum: Dont Use a Smartphone as a PC

    Just about every smartphone owner has the same thought sooner or later: I bring my smartphone everywhere, so wouldn’t it be nice if my smartphone could do everything a PC does? The idea that you could research and create an entire PowerPoint presentation on your phone, wirelessly project that presentation in a meeting or classroom, […]

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