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  • Western Digitals New Format Boosts Hard Drive Space

    Whenever you buy a new hard drive, a certain amount is lost to the fashion in which the drive is formatted. WD’s new Advanced Format drives change the way the drive stores data, giving up an additional seven to eleven percent in free drive space. The new system does away with individual sector headers and […]

  • User Review: Dell Studio XPS 16 Update

    Currently the most powerful laptop offered by Dell short of an Alienware, the Dell Studio XPS 16is a sleek, performance-class machine. Recently, Dell refreshed the machine, adding Intel’s new Core i-series processors and a more powerful ATI graphics card. However, depending on the selected options, it can also bear a hefty price tag. My Dell […]

  • Updated Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Review

    by Kevin O’Brien The T400 ThinkPad is the much-loved 14.1″ business notebook sold by Lenovo. Since our last review of this notebook Lenovo has added a new high-brightness screen option as well as quietly updated the keyboard structure to hopefully limit some of the flex we noted in our first review. Let’s see how well […]

  • VIDEO: Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Review

    The Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is a great all-around versatile notebook with solid performance, affordability and utility. It comes with an ultrabay that will allow users to customize the notebook with either an additional SLI-enabled GPU, HDD tray, cooling fan or an optical drive (DVD burner). The 15.6-inch HD display, metallic design and responsive keyboard will […]

  • Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro Review pics

    Many people do exhaustive research looking for the perfect laptop, and are in awe of the amazing new unit until they plug in their headphones. Laptop design is exceptional in most areas, but most of the time, audio is a design afterthought. Stuffed in a cramped box, audio delivered out of stock notebook soundcards often […]

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