Plextor Showcases M6 Pro SATA SSD with PlexTurbo

Plextor Showcases M6 Pro SATA SSD with PlexTurbo

COMPUTEX 2023 has begun, and Plextor is pulling out the stops, demoing a new, smarter SSD product. The M6 Pro with PlexTurbosoftware is a high-performance consumer-level solid-state drive solution. The new storage device is being pitched as a reliable drive, and it’s the first SSD drive to pass Plextor’s Zero-Error standard of 400 units surviving 1008 hours, (up from 500 hours). As well, it is more power efficient thanks to an included DEVSLP sleep-mode signal.

PlexTurbo is intelligent caching software for SSDs, which uses system RAM, the SSD’s DRAM cache and the solid-state storage to deliver additional speed in use and prolong the life of the flash memory. It also can prevent data loss if the power cuts out suddenly to the SSD. PlexTurbo will initially only be offered in the M6 Pro drive.





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