Synaptics Unveils Next Generation TouchPad Scrybe

Synaptics Unveils Next Generation TouchPad Scrybe

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    Get ready for the next generation of laptop TouchPads, including customizable gesture controls, with Scrybe, part of Synaptics Gesture Suite 9.4.

    Well beyond multi-touch capability, Scrybe allows users to initiate complex PC tasks with simple TouchPad interaction. For example, Synaptics claims through Scrybe users could highlight a word in a document and then launch a Web browser and perform an immediate search by merely drawing a question mark on the TouchPad.

    Other new TouchPad functions available in Gesture Suite 9.4 include multi-touch gestures for media control (play, stop, rewind, fast forward), and Windows 7 System gestures.

    Synaptics claims that Scrybe will work with many current multi-touch and single-touch TouchPads. The technology is currently available at the Scrybe site ( for Windows and Linux users to preview for themselves.

    The entire Synaptics Gesture Suite 9.4 is available to PC OEMs through Synaptics.

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