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  • News Bits: Averatec 4100 & 1000 Info, SeaGate Fast HD, Hard Drive Versus Battery Performance Article

    New Averatec 1000 Ultraportable and 4000 Series Specs, Detailed Information and Pricing Many people are anxiously awaiting the release of the 1000 series ultraportable notebook from Averatec and the 4000 series 13″ screen series. The Averatec 4100 will include the new AMD Turion 64 processor. Interesting to note is that the Averatec 4100 with an […]

  • HP “Officially” Announces Mini 1000 Netbooks

    Days after leaking the launch of their new netbook on their own website HP has officially launched the all-new HP Mini 1000, which is now available on the HP Shopping websitetoday for $399. The new consumer-focused version of their Mini-Note 2133 companion PC, the Mini 1000 will be available in three different models and multiple […]

  • HP Mini 1000 Review

    by Kevin O’Brien The HP Mini 1000is the much hoped for Intel Atom based update to the VIA platform Mini-Note 2133. With a complete refresh this netbook is thinner thanks to a smaller hard drive and lithium polymer battery but still keeps the same great full-size (or nearly full-size) keyboard. Offered with two screen sizes, […]