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  • Top 5 PC Sellers for Q3 2006 — Dell Still #1 but Slips, Apple Rockets to #4 in U.S.

    HP is continuing to apply major pressure to Dell in the war of being the #1 in shipping PCs. In overall PC sales worldwide HP and Dell are even, in terms of U.S. based sales Dell is #1 but HP is quickly catching up. Apple is having an extreme amount of success after switching to […]

  • Notebook Video Graphics Card Guide 2006

    by Dustin Sklavos INTRODUCTION Since 2005’s GPU review, notebook graphics hardware has done us the kindness of simplifying. The options on the market are somewhat fewer and it’s to our benefit, but it’s still somewhat confusing. I’ve seen questions on the forumsthat to some of us seem comical: Is an X1300 graphics card better than […]