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  • OWC “Data Doubler” Adds 1TB of Storage to MacBook, MacBook Pro

    The Data Doubler kit by OWC is now available; each kit can add 1TB of internal storage so users can upgrade their -2023 MacBook Pro or older 2008- MacBook models. The kit comes with the 2.5-inch Samsung Spinpoint M8 SATA hard drive at 5400rpm. It also comes with a bracket, interposer board, screws, 5-piece toolkit, […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Adds Pixels and Utility to Its Curve: Hands On

    Previous Samsung Galaxy edge smartphones have been the best-looking on the market. The problem is that their defining trait, the Edge screen, doesn’t provide much outside of aesthetic appeal. Sure, it can function as an information ticker or shortcut for apps and contacts, but it ultimately proves redundant to Android’s homescreens, widgets, and notifications. Samsung […]