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  • How to Watch Hulu on Android

    Hulu Plus, that anomaly among video streaming services that charges a monthly subscription andplays commercials, has a freebie browser-based version called Hulu.com. The cool thing about Hulu.com is that it offers a fair amount of movies and TV shows for free – but only if you’re dialed in on a desktop or laptop browser. Try […]

  • How to Watch Amazon Prime on Android

    Android Unknown Sources Amazon Prime Instant Video runs neck and neck with Netflix as the video streaming platform of choice for those who dig massive amounts of choice in HD quality. Although membership costs are competitively priced, Amazon wins the face-offby also offering streaming music and free two-day shipping for merchandise. Being able to stream […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus: Android or iOS?

    There are four phablets at the top of the high-end smartphone market: the Samsung Galaxy Note5, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, and the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. With the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung has a more direct alternative to the Apple iPhone 6S Plus, as both have 5.5-inch displays. The […]

  • How To Make Web Browsing on an Android Device More Secure

    American citizens can now have their online activities tracked by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) and that information sold, thanks to a decision made last month by the U.S. Congress. There are some steps Android users can take to protect their privacy, however. As if ISP tracking isn’t not bad enough, there are a number […]

  • Moto G Review: The Best Cheap Android Phone?

    For the price. Those are the words that’ll dictate your opinion of the Moto G. Taken on its own, Motorola’s mainstream gambit is more or less a flagship phone from a year or so ago, with some modernized design cues added in. It’s built well, plenty fast, and fit with a sharp, beautiful display. It’s […]