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  • ZAGG Slim Book for 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro Review: Detachable Keyboard Case

    The 10.5-inch iPad Prois a lot of computer packed into a slender shape, with more than enough power to be a good PC for work or personal use. But there are plenty of people who insist that their main computer have a keyboard. Fortunately, there are lots of options for added a keyboard to Apple’s […]

  • Top 5 PC Sellers for Q3 2006 — Dell Still #1 but Slips, Apple Rockets to #4 in U.S.

    HP is continuing to apply major pressure to Dell in the war of being the #1 in shipping PCs. In overall PC sales worldwide HP and Dell are even, in terms of U.S. based sales Dell is #1 but HP is quickly catching up. Apple is having an extreme amount of success after switching to […]

  • Sony VAIO SZ Vs. Apple MacBook Comparison Review

    by Jim Boutilier There are already a number of Sony VAIO SZ reviewsand Apple MacBook reviewswritten on this site, but if you are like most folks only one or the other have interested you enough to read (depending on if you are a Mac person or a PC person). This review is inspired by those […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6s

    Apple and Samsung have long vied for US smartphone market supremacy, and in 2023, each has a mid-sized flagship in its arsenal: the Samsung Galaxy S7and the Apple iPhone 6s. Despite the obvious Android and iOS differences, these models have similar designs and feature sets. We already compared the larger Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and […]

  • Notebook Shopping at the Mall: Apple vs. Sony vs. Dell

    by Andrew Baxter, Jerry Jackson, and Kevin O’Brien Few things are more American than than that giant oasis of consumer lust … the local shopping mall. Here in the United States (and gradually overseas) the most commonly seen stores dedicated to offering notebook computer deals are the Apple Store, SonyStylestore, and the Dell sales kiosks. […]