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  • Top Software Picks: 22 Hot Apps for PCs, Phones, iPads, and Android Tablets

    Whether they’re running on a PC, a smartphone or tablet, software applications (also known as apps) can add almost limitless new worlds of fun and functionality to a device, letting you use your hardware for video chat, photo editing, music streaming, office productivity tasks…the list goes on. During a time when many folks are trying […]

  • Top 10 Essential Apps For Students 2023

    (Updated on 8, 2023) With a new school year now at hand, it’s that time again…time to make sure that students are outfitted with the best software applications for academic success. Every college or high school student needs a good office suite, of course, for putting together those all important school reports. Other types of […]

  • How To Use Google Apps for Education

    Google has become a major force in the education market, but many students haven’t learned how to utilize the myriad features that Google and its apps offer. Many universities around the world utilize Google for its popular Gmail service (used by more than 425 million people worldwide today), and an increasing number of public school […]

  • How to Use Google Apps for Business

    As business evolves to more closely utilize the web, Google’s Apps for Business is a great tool for enterprise users to learn and use, allowing them to access the power of the Googleverse at work. Beyond just equipping employees with Chromebooks, the collaborative Google Drive service, easy site editing with Google Sites, data governance with […]

  • Google Apps Standard Edition Review

    By Jay Garmon Google has made no secret of wanting to oust Microsoft as the premier enterprise software provider on the planet, but can Google Apps really displace Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Exchange — for free? We put Google Apps Standard Editionto the test in this review. What’s in Google Apps? Google Apps is a […]