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  • Top 10 Desktops for Back to School

    Back to School Buyers Guide: Top 10 Desktops As fall approaches, so does the start of school for millions of students around the country. It’s also a great time to buy a new computer; not only do retailers offer tremendous sales and freebies, but many component manufacturers like AMD and Intel start to push out […]

  • Top 10 Back to School Software Applications for 2010

    By Jay Garmon For many students, surviving academia requires a well-equipped computer, and no PC is complete without the right software. We outline the top 10 apps you need to gear up for the academic gridiron — both for work and for play. 1. Google Chrome These days there is no more important piece of […]

  • Software Buyers Guide: Back to School 2009

    Cameras|Desktops|Notebooks|Phones|Printers|SOFTWARE Opinions vary as to what constitutes must have back-to-school software but there are five basic application categories that will ensure the average high school or college student can complete most any assignment, organize a few fond memories, and not completely empty mom and dad’s retirement accounts. No budding scholar’s desktop, laptop, and/or netbookshould be […]

  • Printer Buyers Guide: Back to School 2009

    Cameras|Desktops|Notebooks|Phones|PRINTERS|Software Much to the chagrin of students everywhere, it’s and the summer is officially winding down. But the season brings one bonus to kids and parents alike: back to school sales! The staff at PrinterComparionson.com has put together a buyer’s guide of all the top printers for those students, teachers, and parents getting ready to […]

  • Notebook Buyers Guide: Back to School 2009

    Cameras|Desktops|NOTEBOOKS |Phones|Printers|Software Once again the summer season draws to a close and your school bus is getting ready to resume its daily route. It’s back to school shopping season, and this year we’re here to help you find the perfect notebook. Our comprehensive buying guides help you narrow down the selection of hundreds of laptops […]