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  • Review: Sony VAIO Battery Replacements from Mugen Power

    by Skyshade, South Carolina USA I know a lot of people visit this site looking for advice and recommendation on buying a new laptop, but no matter what laptop you buy it eventually will get old with the usage and some of you will come back trying to solve a particular issue or finding information […]

  • News Bits: Intel Notebook Battery Drain Issues, Vista Versions, Qosmio G35, Core Duo Price Cuts

    Microsoft to Blame for Battery Life Drain Microsoft has confirmed the existance of a flaw in its USB 2.0 drivers for Windows XP Service Pack 2 that can cause a notebook to consume power at a faster-than-expected rate when using a peripheral device This issue was first uncovered by Tom’s Hardware two weeks ago, and […]

  • How To Get The Best Battery Life From Your Laptop

    Take a look at our top tips for getting the most life out of your notebook off the plug; we review everything from screen brightness to wireless card usage. Reduce Your Screen Brightness The most notable consumer of power in a notebook computer is the screen. Notebook makers have alleviated this somewhat in recent years […]

  • Laptop Battery Life: How Wireless Affects Power Consumption

    Whenever we review notebooks one of the questions that always needs to be answered is, what’s the battery life like on this laptop? We all know manufacturers overstate the quoted battery life for a system, probably because they test for battery life under ideal conditions for getting a high number. For example, wireless off, processor […]

  • HP Enviro Battery Review

    by Jerry Jackson When it comes to mobile devices, one of the biggest ways in which you can help the environment is to limit the number of batteries that you throw away. This is a serious problem with mobile electronics like notebooks because Lithium-Ion batteries lose capacity over time and have to be replaced. HP […]