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  • Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Better, Faster Browsing

    By Jay Garmon Google Chrome has much to recommend it as a browser, but a veteran FireFox or habitual Internet Explorer user be hesitant to give up the add-ons or plug-ins that make their favorite web browsers more useful. Chrome extensionsare the answer here, as they replicate or replace the functionality found in typical browser […]

  • MSI GT70 Dominator 2PC Review: Bigger is Better

    With so many new ultra-portable gaming laptops populating the market, the MSI GT70 Dominator 2PC makes the case that bigger is better. The large hulking desktop replacement is one of the first machines to offer NVidia’s new line of 800M graphics cards. The device pairs it new powerful 870M GPU with equally impressive innards including […]

  • Logitechs Keys-To-Go Is a Better Touch Cover for Android, iOS, and Windows

    Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth keyboard How do you make something as inherently portable as a Bluetooth keyboard even more convenient? According to Logitech’s Keys-To-Go, you detach it from any burdensome covers, give it an spill-resistant and easily cleanable finish, add a bunch of nifty device shortcuts, and make the whole thing really, really thin. Indeed, the […]

  • Interview: Lifes Better Than Good With LG Notebooks

    by Perry Longinotti Not too long ago most consumers only associated LG Electronics with kitchen appliances and TVs. Now, LG is one of the most talked about “up and coming” laptop makers in the world. With impressive notebooks like last year’s R500, this year’s P300 and convertible tablet notebooks like the P100, LG has other […]