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  • Top Business Notebooks

    Business notebooks are designed for users in small-to-medium and even large companies who want systems that will be used mostly by a mobile workforce. These laptops need to endure the bumps and bruises of business travel while remaining and light and mobile as possible. Important features include a fast processor, high-capacity hard disk and long-life […]

  • The Wi-Fi Business Model — Is There One?

    On a recent weekday I read three different articles with headlines that went something like this: McDonald’s to Offer Wi-Fi With Meal Purchase T-Mobile to Make it Easier for Subscribers to Access Hotspots AMD to Offer Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Self-Marketing Move So in one case Wi-Fi is offered as a compliment to another purchase, […]

  • What Makes a True Business Notebook?

    IT departments in large businesses buy computers by the thousands; these computers are expected to operate through the end of their service life (usually two to four years) without failure. They’ll be used (and likely abused) by less than careful employees – bumps, drops, the occasional spill … the list goes on. In this article […]

  • Small Business Security Suite Showdown: Symantec Vs. Kaspersky

    by Frank J. Ohlhorst If you want to secure a small business network, what’s the best product to use? In this in-depth comparative review, we’ll closely examine two market leaders in the emerging arena of SMB (small and medium-sized business) software security suites: Kaspersky Business Space Security (BSS) 6 and Symantec Ednpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1 […]

  • How to Use Google Apps for Business

    As business evolves to more closely utilize the web, Google’s Apps for Business is a great tool for enterprise users to learn and use, allowing them to access the power of the Googleverse at work. Beyond just equipping employees with Chromebooks, the collaborative Google Drive service, easy site editing with Google Sites, data governance with […]