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  • How To Change Windows Update Settings in Windows 8 and 8.1

    Microsoft typically releases Windows updates on the first each month, termed by enthusiasts as patch . These updates cover a wide range of areas related to Windows. It’s important to ensure the updates are punctually installed as many are directly related to current security threats, covering up loopholes that hackers can exploit. These are known […]

  • How To Change Windows Update Settings in Windows 10

    We’ve taken the time to explore Windows Update settings in Microsoft’s latest operating system to help you decide whether to leave Windows 10 Update settings as they are or customize them to best suit your needs. Windows 10 Updates: How are they different? One of the hot (or controversial) topics surrounding Windows 10 is how […]

  • How to Change or Reset a Windows XP Password

    There are multiple options for changing or resetting Windows XP passwords. The process is different depending on whether you’ve forgotten your password or you already know it and just want to change it. Ask your network administrator to reset your passwordif your user account is part of a domain (this will likely be the case if you’re using […]

  • How to Change or Reset a Windows Vista Password

    If you forgot your Windows Vista password, we’ll show you how to reset it in this comprehensive guide. The advice contained within this article applies only to local user accounts. If your account is connected to a domain (typically the case with business computers), you’ll need to have your network administrator reset your Windows Vista password as […]

  • How to Change or Reset a Windows 7 Password

    If you’ve forgotten your Windows 7 password, or you just want to reset it, this handy guide will review all you need to know. The steps in this article only apply to local computer accounts. If your account is a domain account, which is typical in a business environment, your domain administratorcan reset your Windows 7 password. […]