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  • How to Clean a Printer

    A dirty printer can cause a number of unwanted issues. Accumulated dust, gunk, toner, ink and other particles can cause spotty print jobs and paper jams. When ink from leaking cartridges accumulates on the interior components, you get lousy print quality. Clogged inkjet printer head nozzles can also wreak their own kind of havoc on […]

  • How to Clean a Notebook

    Thinking about a new notebook? A quick clean and yours could look as good as new. We show you how in this comprehensive guide. Materials Needed We’ll be counting on you to have the following to go through this guide: Two microfiber towels that are larger than your notebook (available at automotive stores such as […]

  • How To Clean a Laptop

    Does your notebook computer look filthy? In this guide we show you how to make your notebook computer look brand new again by giving important areas a good cleaning — that includes the screen, keyboard, cooling system — even the USB ports. Getting Started Following this guide takes about one hour and requires the following […]