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  • Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Review: Cloud Storage Simplicity

    Why spend money for cloud storage from Amazon or Google when you can have your own personal, secure cloud at home thanks to the Western Digital My Cloud EX2? While this new network attached storage (NAS) device isn’t the first My Cloud product from Western Digital, the EX2 might just be king of the hill […]

  • Mozy Review: Backing Up PC & Mac Data to the Cloud

    Mozy is one of the best known alternatives for backing up Windows PC and Macintosh data to the cloud. How does it compare with competing solutions such as Carbonite? Where does it fit in relation to file sharing services like SkyDrive and iCloud, and to media-based backup approaches like portable hard drives and NAS? We’ll […]

  • How To Back Up Your Social/Cloud Data: FaceBook, Twitter, Gmail, and more

    Backing up the data on your computers and mobile devices is, of course, important. Hardware and software can be replaced, but data, once gone, is … well, gone. The process of backing up the data on your computer (and data from any mobile devices that you synched to it) can be straightforward and affordable. Almost […]