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  • Wenger Swiss Gear Rhea Computer Tote Review

    by Niki Breese Introduction Wenger or Swiss Gear comes to mind as an exclusively masculine brand. Best known for making Swiss Army Knives, Wenger also makes a nice line of Swiss Gear notebook computer bags. Surprisingly, this line includes bags with more feminine appeal. One such bag is the one I am reviewing today, the […]

  • Timbuk2 Commute XL messenger-style computer bag review

    Timbuk2 is famous for the high quality and three-panel design of their bicycle messenger bags. You have most Their Commute XL bag was made for owners of 17″ and 15.4″ widescreen notebooks, and follows in that tradition. It has a cool, clean look but is also functional as well. This is the big brother of […]

  • How to Take Notes on Your Notebook Computer

    Introduction Let’s face it, notebooks are everywhere.  I don’t mean the “College-Ruled, 80 sheet” kind, I mean “Core 2 Duo” kind.  You see them in coffee shops, at work, at school, and more and more often at home.  But, many people still aren’t using their “notebook” to replace their “notebook”.  The goal of this guide […]

  • How to Easily Optimize a Notebook Computer and Make it Faster

    by Jack Oâ€Neill This article serves as a quick and easy guide to get your laptop computer to boot up and run fastersimply by changing some basic Windows settings or installing some helpful applications. Clear Out Memory Resident Programs That are not Needed Nearly every program you install thinks that it needs to be running […]

  • How it Works: Making Sense of Computer Technology

    Much of the confusion when buying a computer comes from being unfamiliar with the terminology – gigabytes, processors, the different kinds of screen technologies and so on. In this guide we’ll illustrate these and more using sensible examples. You should have a better idea of what you’re shopping for or just looking to understand by […]