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  • The LG G5 Impresses with Brilliant Modular Design and VR Headset: Hands On

    LG’s latest Android flagship is a show stopper. With a clean effortless aesthetic, strong specs and a brilliant modular design the LG G5 is the complete package. What’s even better is that LG can continue to add new functionality and features via the modular design. Having revealed a cornucopia of new accessories alongside the handset, […]

  • Laptop Design USA Custom Laptop Paint Job Review

    by Malia Zee As technology becomes ever more widespread, so does the market for technology add-ons and accessories. Cosmetic modification of laptops has been growing in popularity for the last two years, with the least expensive and most popular option in the form of lid stickers. This summer, NBR reviewed two of the many companies […]

  • LG G5 Smartphone Review: Excellent Camera, Modular Design

    LG changed its game plan with the G5, emphasizing design practicality and innovation over aesthetics and finishing touches. This is best represented in the LG G5’s Magic Slot that makes this a partially modular Android smartphone by expanding it functionality with external accessories. Compared with the HTC 10, and new Samsung S7 handsets, the LG […]