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  • Windows Vista/XP Remote Desktop Review

    By: Greg Ross Microsoft Windows XP and Vista both come with built-in remote access capabilities. Are these feature really adequate replacements for third-party remote desktop applications, or are they just more Windows bloatware? Read the full review to find out! INSTALLATION & SETUP Both Windows XP and Vista come with the Remote Desktop Protocol pre-installed, […]

  • New Shuttle Desktop Just Over an Inch Thick

    Intel’s low-power CPU development has allowed for interesting new form factors in nettops, and Shuttle is taking advantage of them. They’re not the first company to come up with a design that lets computers mount behind flat panel displays, but they do seem to be doing it well. Shuttle plans on officially unveiling the new […]

  • Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Review: Bring Windows to OS X

    One of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to adopt the Apple Macintosh platform is the fact that OS X doesn’t run Windows applications. Apple’s solution to that issue is to set up a MAC to multi-boot, using a technology called Boot Camp – in other words you can natively run OS X or you can […]

  • MojoPac “Mobile Desktop” Software Review

    by Dustin Sklavos INTRODUCTION The MojoPac is a new tool which aims to knock our precious laptops off their mighty perches in the consumer and professional markets. Of course, I jest. Do not be fooled by the physical MojoPac; the true MojoPac exists inside, in the software. And what is MojoPac, really? The desktop on […]

  • Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Encrypts Your Keyboard and Mouse

    Microsoft unveiled the Wireless Desktop 2000 this week, which builds upon its predecessors by adding in 128-bit AES encryption to keep any prying eyes from picking up on your precious keystrokes. The 2.4GHz wireless connection that tethers your keyboard and mouse to the computer is encrypted strongly enough that it’s unlikely to be broken within […]