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  • Targus ExpressCard Docking Station with Digital Video and Audio Review

    With all the notebook accessories on the market today, a docking station is pretty much a necessity. The only problem is choosing which one best suits your needs. Targus just released their ExpressCard Notebook Docking Station with Digital Video and Audio. This dock has everything a user could ask for. The Targus ExpressCard Docking Station. […]

  • The Return of the Docking Station

    It was commonplace for consumer notebooks in the mid-2000’s to have proprietary, dedicated docking solutions. That’s still the case in the business market, but almost non-existent in the consumer market. What happened?   We explain in this article. The Rise and Fall of the Dedicated Docking Station Targus USB 3.0 DV docking station Dedicated docking […]

  • Kensington sd200v Notebook Docking Station Review

    by Ben Stafford The Kensington sd200V Notebook Docking Station is the latest device from Kensington to provide a “universal” type of dock for notebooks. The dock connects to your notebook via a single USB port. From the dock, you can plug in five USB devices, speakers, a microphone, and a VGA monitor. Features and Specifications […]