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  • Western Digital Black^2 Dual Drive Review

    When it comes to storage, it’s hard to deny the benefits that a solid state drive offers. Extremely fast boot times, speedy read and write speeds, ultra low latency – you get the idea. The downside, however, is that unless you’re willing to pay big money, you still can’t get an SSD that approaches traditional […]

  • Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive Review

    In recent months, solid state disks have become the storage darlings of the computer world, offering consumers the promise of outrageous transfer speeds at the expense of capacity and price. Due to the nature of SSDs, most manufacturers are relative newcomers to the hard drive game. People have been waiting to see what the traditional […]

  • WD Scorpio Black and Scorpio Blue Hard Drive Review

    by Jerry Jackson The hard drive inside your notebook is far more important than most people realize. Not only is the capacity important in terms of how much data you can store on your computer, but hard drive speed impacts your laptop’s performance and hard drive power consumption affects battery life. Should you replace your […]

  • SDHC Cards vs Hard Drive vs SSD

    by Jerry Jackson Almost every modern notebook has a built-in memory card reader, but not everyone uses these card readers for digital photography. Now that SDHC memory cards offer larger capacities at low prices, is this a good option as a second storage drive, or even your primary boot disk? We did some testing to […]

  • How To Set Windows To Store Media Files on a Secondary Drive

    In this article we’ll detail how to make Windows 7/8 use a different drive for storing documents, pictures, music, and more. This is especially useful if your notebook is equipped with more than one storage drive. What You’ll Need To Get Started This guide is designed for beginners through advanced users, and applies to computers […]