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  • Western Digital Passport Elite Review

    by Jerry Jackson The Passport has been Western Digital’s most successful line of portable external hard drives for several years. The sleek casing, solid build quality, reasonable speed and tons of storage space continue to keep these USB-powered 2.5″ 5400RPM SATA notebook hard drives popular. The all new Passport Elite series offers even greater capacities, […]

  • Panasonic Toughbook CF-W2 eLite Ultraportable Notebook Review pics, specs

    Overview The Panasonic Toughbook W2isn’t terribly new, but they have recently added a flash of color to the lineup with the new eLite series. The lids now come in scratch resistant black, red, silver and white, but you wouldn’t know it from Panasonic’s website which doesn’t promote these new flavors in the least. The W2 […]

  • HP unveils new $300 Compaq and Elite desktops

    HP recently showed off some minor updates to its Compaq (yes, it’s still around) line of budget-priced desktops as well as introduced an entirely new line: the HP Elite desktop brand. Let’s get it out of the way now. Yes, Compaq is still around. After the merger with Hewlett-Packard some years ago, the Compaq brand […]

  • HP Pavilion Elite e9120f Review

    HP recently refreshed their desktop lines, in order to better prepare for the upcoming fall buying season. The Pavilion Elite e9120f is another high tech desktop with a number of strong features. Paired with a fresh new design, this computer might be just the thing for your home office. Is this AMD-powered machine a good […]

  • HP Elite X3 Preview: The Smartphone that Wants to be Your Next Laptop

    After nearly a two year absence, HP is returning to the mobile market with the Elite X3, a Windows phone designed for business users. The high-end phablet be exactly what Microsoft needs to attract new users to the underpopulated platform. HP doesn’t just want the Elite X3 to replace your smartphone, but your PC as […]