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  • Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive Review

    by Vivek Gowri The Passport is Western Digital’s line of portable external hard drives, featuring a very sleek casing reminiscent of the Nintendo DS and WD’s 2.5 5400RPM SATA notebook hard disks. Due to the use of a lower powered notebook hard disk, the Passport can be powered by the USB port alone and does […]

  • Western Digital My Book Essential 250GB External Hard Drive Review

    Introduction Like most notebook owners, I recently became aware of a need for more storage space. The proliferation in digital media such as video, music & high resolution images has resulted in a corresponding increase in demand for storage space. Notebook computers often come equipped with smaller hard drives than their desktop cousins, and their […]

  • How To Upgrade Your Notebook with an External Graphics Card

    It’s no secret that upgradeable notebook graphics are a bit of an oxymoron. Despite the fact Nvidia’s MXM modular graphics card technologyhas been available to notebook designers for over a decade, few have fully adopted the standard. The lack of a universal solution for upgrading notebook graphics has left notebook owners at a significant economic […]