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  • Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review: Fitness Tracker with a Bit of Smartwatch

    Fitness trackers range from glorified pedometers to full-on smartwatches. The good ones figure out a proper balance. Simple devices need a killer app, while more complex must balance features with usability and battery life. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the latter. Samsung snagged the fitness features from the recent Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, along […]

  • Huawei Fit Review: Smartwatch Looks, Fitness Band Features

    It looks like a smartwatch, but acts like a fitness tracker. The Huawei Fit doesn’t cost too much, but it doesn’t do too much beyond its core focus. It earns its name by logging steps, tracking sleep, and monitoring activity, with a neat and unique training feature. It’s light, waterproof, and partially thanks to a […]