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  • Nosgoth Hands-on Preview: Free to Kain

    It’s safe to say that Nosgothwas not what Legacy of Kain fans expected when Square Enix revealed the spinoff to the beloved action-adventure series late last year. Whereas the original series developed a legacy for its Shakespeare-inspired narratives and rich character development, Nosgoth removes any semblance of a traditional single-player campaign altogether. The moody, Gothic […]

  • LogMeIn Free Review

    by Greg Ross LogMeIn Free’s remote access software promises access to your computer’s data from any Internet-connected PC. Is this the frequently traveler’s dream application, or just another kludgy third-party replacement for Windows XP remote desktop. Read our LogMeIn Free review to find out. Account Creation and Program Installation In order to install LogMeIn onto […]

  • Free Videoconference Software Buyers Guide

    By Dustin Sklavos Gone are the days when videochats and videophone calls are cutting-edge, high-cost CEO-only affairs; there are now several free videoconference applications available to the average consumer. But which offers the best bang for zero bucks? We break it down in this buyer’s guide. The biggest lesson learned in my long journey reviewing […]

  • Free PDF Editor Software Roundup

    By Dustin Sklavos Whether we like it or not, the Adobe’s PDF file has become the standard for shipping documents back and forth on the internet. It’s not a bad way to go; PDF files include text, images, they can have editable portions, and they can have excellent compression provided you use them right. The […]

  • Free Online Music Services Listeners Guide

    By Jay Garmon Pandora or Slacker? Last.FM or Grooveshark? There is a host of free streaming music services on the Web, but which one has the best features to go with its giveaway price? We sound it out in this listeners guide. There are a few basic features common to most of online music services. […]