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  • Video Game State of the Union: Changes Are Needed

    It seems less of an opinion and more of a general consensus that this year’s E3 was a bit of a disappointment. While this could be written off as a result of the show’s format and the 24-hour news cycle — virtually none of the news out of the event was, in fact, news — […]

  • Game Download Service Buyers Guide

    By Charles P. Jefferies Installing games from a CD is old-school. These days it is all about digital game download services. We reviewed five examples over the last month and today we recognize some of the best. Game Download Services The following game download services are participating in this review: Direct2Drive Good Old Games Stardock […]

  • Game Developers Conference 2007: A Wrap-Up of Notebook Related News

    INTRODUCTION The two expo floors at GDC 2007 were absolutely buzzing (view large image) Scouring the GDC for content relevant to this site – and you – meant butting up against a lot of dead ends and showing up for seminars none of us could use. The fact of the matter is that the gaming […]

  • Evolve Hands on Preview: The Most Dangerous Game

    I find myself in a richly dense forest, full of foliage and wildlife. Despite my hulking disposition – standing nearly three times the high of a full grown man, with horns protruding from every angle – I’m scared. There are four highly trained hunters quick on my tail, they have each other to rely on. […]