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  • Why Even Non-Gamers Should Consider a Gaming Notebook

    You never have played a Call of Dutygame in your life and you might think a Steam library has something to do with railroad literature, but we’re here to tell you that a gaming laptop might be the perfect PC for you. Sure, gaming might be the intended use and main reason behind their design […]

  • Sager NP8660 Benchmarks & Gaming Performance

    Processor & Performance Our Sager NP8660 has the following specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 (2.53GHz/6MB L2/1066MHz FSB/25W TDP) Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit 15.4-inch WSXGA+ glossy display Intel PM45 + ICH9M chipset 4GB DDR3-1066 RAM 4GB Intel Turbo Memory 2.0 Nvidia GeForce 9800M-GT w/ 512MB GDDR3 video memory 320GB 7200RPM Seagate SATA II hard […]

  • Sager NP5791 Benchmarks and Gaming

    Processor and Performance Our Sager NP5791 came with a mid-range Core 2 Duo T7500 CPU and 2GB of fast DDR2-667 RAM. It proved to be an able performer for all tasks. System Performance Benchmarks Windows Experience Index The bottlenecks in Vista’s Windows Experience Index benchmark are the hard drive and the memory. Processor Performance Benchmarks […]

  • Rise of Mobile Gaming: Beyond Handhelds

    You’re taking the train to work, you’re sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, you got to the place where you’re meeting your friends too early. You need to kill some time, so what do you do? You reach into your pocket or your bag, and you pull out your smartphone or tablet […]

  • Origin PC Releases 13-inch EON13-S Gaming Laptop

    On Origin PC announced the release of its new 13-inch addition to the company’s EON gaming laptop line. The EON13-Sis a custom high-performance laptop aimed at offering powerful performance in a portable form factor. The notebook is extremely portable by gaming notebook standards weighing in at 4.4lbs. The EON13-S hosts a number of high-end features […]