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  • Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Better, Faster Browsing

    By Jay Garmon Google Chrome has much to recommend it as a browser, but a veteran FireFox or habitual Internet Explorer user be hesitant to give up the add-ons or plug-ins that make their favorite web browsers more useful. Chrome extensionsare the answer here, as they replicate or replace the functionality found in typical browser […]

  • How to Watch Google Play on iPhone and iPad

    If you own an iPhone or iPad,  you might be of the mistaken belief that the only way to get streaming video entertainment is through iTunes. Not so. Proud and happy iOS device owners like yourself can partake of the entertainment available via other channels, such as Google Play, as traitorous an idea as that […]

  • How To Use Google Apps for Education

    Google has become a major force in the education market, but many students haven’t learned how to utilize the myriad features that Google and its apps offer. Many universities around the world utilize Google for its popular Gmail service (used by more than 425 million people worldwide today), and an increasing number of public school […]

  • How to Use Google Apps for Business

    As business evolves to more closely utilize the web, Google’s Apps for Business is a great tool for enterprise users to learn and use, allowing them to access the power of the Googleverse at work. Beyond just equipping employees with Chromebooks, the collaborative Google Drive service, easy site editing with Google Sites, data governance with […]

  • Outlook.com Review: Microsoft Vs. Google

    Microsoft’s recently rolled out Outlook.com is a more sophisticated, upper crust cousin to the old Hotmail.com. Yet, how well does it really perform, especially when compared to some of the other popular webmail options that are currently available such as Google’s Gmail? Is a switch worth the hassle? In this review, we’ll take an in-depth […]