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  • How to Go Green Without Going Paperless

    The aim of maintaining a green office is a virtuous one. It’s also a difficult one, considering that printing to paper is not exactly the most eco-friendly practice you can participate in. Even the most environmentally conscious among us will admit that sometimes, you simply have to consume paper in order to run an office. […]

  • How Xerox does green

    Ever heard someone refer to a copy as a Xerox? That’s probably because for decades – starting in 1961 – Xerox dominated the copier industry. Some would say they continue to do so seeing as this $17.8 million company has been around for over 100 years and is the world’s leading document management technology and […]

  • How Lexmark does green

    While many companies have environmental sustainability programs and pledges these days – it’s finally cool to be green – Lexmark has taken their environmental pledge to the next level by including their employees and community in an effort to go green. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, residents of the community and around the world can see […]

  • How HP does green: Recycling facility tour

    In the new millennium, we hear all about advancing science while moving forward responsibly. And why shouldn’t we try to protect the environment we live in as we try to make are lives better, easier? This is where the green movement has stepped in: responsible people (and companies) trying to reduce their impact, reuse their […]

  • Green Notebook Buyers Guide

    Green products are currently one the biggest growing trends for American consumers and businesses, but what does it mean to be green? In the world of computer technology green means consuming fewer resources during the manufacturing stage, using components with less impact on the environment, or using less power. Notebook manufacturers are seeing this demand […]