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  • The LG G5 Impresses with Brilliant Modular Design and VR Headset: Hands On

    LG’s latest Android flagship is a show stopper. With a clean effortless aesthetic, strong specs and a brilliant modular design the LG G5 is the complete package. What’s even better is that LG can continue to add new functionality and features via the modular design. Having revealed a cornucopia of new accessories alongside the handset, […]

  • Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth Headset Review

    by Patrick M. The Plantronics Pulsar 590A and 590E is a higher-end bluetooth headset with a wide range of features and abilities. One of the newer generation bluetooth 2.0 devices, it runs off of the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution) protocol for wireless stereo sound of a very high quality, but also supports HSB (Headset) HFP […]