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  • How to Watch Hulu on iPad or iPhone

    Hulu.com is the freebie version of Hulu Plus, which offers a decent variety of streaming video entertainment at no cost. The only catch with Hulu.com is that users are limited to watching from their computer browsers, and the only supported way to watch Hulu on an iPad or iPhone is through the pay Hulu Plus app. […]

  • How to Watch Hulu on Android

    Hulu Plus, that anomaly among video streaming services that charges a monthly subscription andplays commercials, has a freebie browser-based version called Hulu.com. The cool thing about Hulu.com is that it offers a fair amount of movies and TV shows for free – but only if you’re dialed in on a desktop or laptop browser. Try […]

  • PlayLater Software Review: A PC ‘DVR for Netflix & Hulu?

    Streaming video keeps exploding in popularity, with sites like Hulu offering hundreds of TV episodes and Netflix providing thousands of movies. For busy notebook PC users, though, there’s always been one big hitch: the need to be hooked up to the Internet while watching the videos. That’s where PlayLater software steps in. What if you […]