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  • Intels Desktop CPU Roadmap Leaked: i3 Introd, i5, i7 Get Boosts

    We’ve been hearing about Intel’s upcoming i3 CPUs for some time, now: they’re the mainstream segment of the next-generation silicon that was first introduced with the Nehalem-based Core i7 chips last fall. What we haven’t seen until now, however, is price – and it looks like AMD might need to be worried. AMD’s very high-end […]

  • Guide to Intels Penryn and other Current Notebook Processors

    by Dustin Sklavos INTRODUCTION The splash that Intel’s Centrino branding made back when it was introduced has had some profoundly lasting effects on the notebook industry. While on the one hand it’s dramatically improved performance and battery life hand in hand in modern notebooks and provided AMD with more competition that they know what to […]