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  • RSA: Five Top Internet Security Threats in 2023

    Cybercriminals will keep pursuing consumers, businesses and government agencies, but other Internet security violators in 2023 will range from teen hacktivists to Big Data companies, foreign governments, and corporate employees, said security experts on hand at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. With regard to specific security exploits, participants cited the use of new channels […]

  • Reality Internet — Laptop Disaster Stories

    Reality TV? Whatever, those shows are half staged because there’s a camera in the room. In conjunction with LAPTOP Magazinewe’ve collected some REAL life laptop disaster stories from site visitors. These stories were submitted as part of a contest to provide the best hard luck laptop story, the top 5 stories appear below, each of […]

  • Norton Internet Security NIS 2023 Review: Protecting Your Whole Family

    In the latest of a series of reviews of the 2023 generation of Internet security suites, we take a close look at the fully featured Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2023 from Symantec. Last year’s version of NIS performed well in our evaluations. Can this new edition do even better? Product Overview NIS 2023 is a […]

  • Internet Safety Guide: How to Protect Yourself Online

    By: Charles P. Jefferies Internet threats continue to pose a problem for anyone that surfs the Internet — and yes, that includes you reading the headline and thinking you know it all. In this article we will show you how to protect yourself using some best practices for safely surfing the Internet, all without spending […]

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2023 Review: Targeting Web Worries

    In a new series of comparative security software reviews, we’ll look at Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2023 first, followed by Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2023 and other competing Internet security suites. Product Overview Kaspersky Internet Security 2023 (KIS 2023) is a fully-featured consumer security suite. Compared to the company’s standard Anti-Virus 2023 suite, KIS 2023 […]