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  • How to Watch Hulu on iPad or iPhone

    Hulu.com is the freebie version of Hulu Plus, which offers a decent variety of streaming video entertainment at no cost. The only catch with Hulu.com is that users are limited to watching from their computer browsers, and the only supported way to watch Hulu on an iPad or iPhone is through the pay Hulu Plus app. […]

  • How to Watch Google Play on iPhone and iPad

    If you own an iPhone or iPad,  you might be of the mistaken belief that the only way to get streaming video entertainment is through iTunes. Not so. Proud and happy iOS device owners like yourself can partake of the entertainment available via other channels, such as Google Play, as traitorous an idea as that […]

  • How To Use Live Photos on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

    On its latest devices, Apple looked for a way to take pictures to a new level. Its solution was to merge them with videos so that still images can also move. When taking a Live Photo, along with the still image the camera will also record three seconds of video with sound. The overall effect […]

  • How To Use 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

    Smartphone screens have been touch sensitive for many years, but Apple’s latest smartphones are also pressure sensitive, so they can tell how hard the user is pressing on them. This new ability, called 3D Touch, actually simplifies the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. On the homescreen, you can press on the icon for many applications […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6s

    Apple and Samsung have long vied for US smartphone market supremacy, and in 2023, each has a mid-sized flagship in its arsenal: the Samsung Galaxy S7and the Apple iPhone 6s. Despite the obvious Android and iOS differences, these models have similar designs and feature sets. We already compared the larger Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and […]