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  • Smartbooks: Great Idea or Just Another Gadget?

    The plethora of content available on the Internet has created a Wild West mentality among mobile device manufacturers who are frothing at the bit in a race to deliver the next latest and greatest tool for Internet connectivity. A number of vendors and chip manufacturers are already touting a device they refer to as a […]

  • New Shuttle Desktop Just Over an Inch Thick

    Intel’s low-power CPU development has allowed for interesting new form factors in nettops, and Shuttle is taking advantage of them. They’re not the first company to come up with a design that lets computers mount behind flat panel displays, but they do seem to be doing it well. Shuttle plans on officially unveiling the new […]

  • New Microsoft Portable Media Center, Why Not Just Use a Laptop?

    Microsoft last week announced that its new consumer targeted device, the Windows CE OS based Portable Media Center (PMC), will become available in and can be preordered exclusively through Amazon.com. The question I have, who s going buy these things? If you have a Pocket PC or an ultra portable notebook you can already accomplish […]

  • Just Announced: New Dell Inspiron R, Z and Special Edition Laptops

    Dell today announced its expanded Inspiron laptop portfoliojust in time for graduation gifts and the upcoming back to school shopping season. Parents always want their kids to have the best advantages, and Dell is capitalizing on that by offering an impressive line-up of Inspiron laptops tailored for the unique needs of families and students. The […]

  • HP Pavilion dm4 Review: Beats Audio Not Just a Marketing Ploy

    The HP Pavilion dm4 Beats Edition is a multimedia notebook with a slim form factor. HP is marketing the dm4 with a Beats Audio theme and with an emphasis on its affordability and ability to offer decent performance. Overview Build & Design The first thing you’ll notice about the 14-inch HP Pavilion dm4 is its […]