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  • Kensington Si750m Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse Review

    by Tim Utecht Kensington Si750m Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse If you ask most people, What is one of the most annoying things about owning a laptop?   A large portion of them will reply with the same answer, “using the touchpad”.  However, this problem can be easily remedied by purchasing the Kensington Si750m Wireless Notebook […]

  • Kensington Si650m Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse Review

    by Ted Lynch The Kensington Si650mis a new wireless notebook mouse from Kensington for those of you yearning to break free from the constraints that a corded mouse provides while on the go. Being a current happy Kensington notebook mouse owner, I was interested in seeing how the new mouse would stack up. The Si650m […]

  • Kensington sd200v Notebook Docking Station Review

    by Ben Stafford The Kensington sd200V Notebook Docking Station is the latest device from Kensington to provide a “universal” type of dock for notebooks. The dock connects to your notebook via a single USB port. From the dock, you can plug in five USB devices, speakers, a microphone, and a VGA monitor. Features and Specifications […]

  • Kensington MicroSaver DS Notebook Lock Review

    by Malia Zee The physical security of notebooks is an increasing concern. High-profile stories about laptop burglaries from WiFi hotspots, some to the point of stabbing laptop owners, are appearing in the news. Security breaches at major organizations resulting from laptop thefts have become a regular occurrence. One recent example is the loss of personal […]

  • Kensington Contour Traveler Notebook Case Review

    The Kensington Contour Travelernotebook case easily lives up to its name. The case is designed for the comfort and convenience of people on the go and has a streamlined, stylish look. With the Purpose-Built pockets and Organizer Grid, it’s easy to keep all of your accoutrements tucked safely away while keeping them within reach. It […]