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  • WaterField Designs Laptop Sleeve Case Review

    Introduction Versatility is an important characteristic to have, whether you are speaking about a person or a notebook sleeve.  If you are looking for a highly versatile sleeve, look to WaterField Designs SleeveCase.  Not only does it work as a sleeve that you can slip inside your bag, but can be customized to be a […]

  • Review: Jansport Optimizer Laptop Bag

    What s in a bag? In mine, lots: Sony Vaio V505 3 PC Cards Cell phone PDA Folders of papers from work Latest issues of 2600 and Nuts and Volts Columbia Ibex Rain pants and jacket Igo Juice adaptor and cables Swiss Army Knife Headphones Cables upon cables upon cables Pens and other little odds […]

  • How To Unbox and Quality Check a New Laptop

    Getting a new notebook computer is exciting, but before you throw away the box be sure to follow these steps to verify if your new laptop is in proper operating condition. Notebook computers go through a quality control process, but it’s always possible atypical issues can slip thorough — or worse, something could go wrong […]

  • Reality Internet — Laptop Disaster Stories

    Reality TV? Whatever, those shows are half staged because there’s a camera in the room. In conjunction with LAPTOP Magazinewe’ve collected some REAL life laptop disaster stories from site visitors. These stories were submitted as part of a contest to provide the best hard luck laptop story, the top 5 stories appear below, each of […]

  • How to Sell Your Laptop

    With most new laptop purchases or holiday gifts, the question arises: What do you do with your old laptop? As a responsible inhabitant of the planet, you can’t in good conscience toss your old laptop in the trash. Plus, if it’s in some semblance of a working condition, you might be able to offset the […]