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  • How To Get The Best Battery Life From Your Laptop

    Take a look at our top tips for getting the most life out of your notebook off the plug; we review everything from screen brightness to wireless card usage. Reduce Your Screen Brightness The most notable consumer of power in a notebook computer is the screen. Notebook makers have alleviated this somewhat in recent years […]

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect Walks Between Life and Death Hands-on Preview

    It’s hard to not be intrigued by Murdered: Soul Suspect. It was certainly refreshing to see at last year’s E3; sitting between the trillion shoot-and-explosionfests that checkered the show floor was this weird supernatural detective game, a noir-ish mystery that asks you to slow down, listen to other people and genuinely think about what’s unfolding […]

  • How to Extend the Life of Your Printer

    Inkjet or laser, all printers require proper care and feeding to survive the rigors of daily use. If you’re a thrifty type who frowns severely on the idea of buying a new printer whenever the one you own decides to start performing poorly, this article’s for you. Here’s a checklist of best practices that will […]

  • Laptop Battery Life: How Wireless Affects Power Consumption

    Whenever we review notebooks one of the questions that always needs to be answered is, what’s the battery life like on this laptop? We all know manufacturers overstate the quoted battery life for a system, probably because they test for battery life under ideal conditions for getting a high number. For example, wireless off, processor […]

  • HTC U11+ and U11 Life Preview

    HTC recently revealed its super flagship of the year called U11+, a larger and more advanced version of the six-month-old model U11, which is uncompromising in every possible feature on the list of technical specifications. At the same time, the company presented the HTC U11 Life, a smaller, less powerful and what is most important […]