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  • Logitech Quick Cam for Notebooks Pro Review

    Introduction Since I have several friends who live abroad, and chat with them regularly, I needed to purchase a webcam. I was initially confused by the plethora of models available in the market today. I considered buying webcams from Creative, Microsoft and Logitech, before settling for the Logitech Quick Cam for Notebooks Pro. Factors that […]

  • Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    Logitech has a long history of producing great keyboards for just about everyone – basic users, mobile professionals, Apple fans, and not least of all, gamers. Their gaming keyboards have always enjoyed some degree of popularity, thanks part to their affordability – you could pick up a solid gaming keyboard for well under a hundred […]

  • Logitech Alto Notebook Stand Review

    If you’ve ever found yourself with a sore back after a day of hunching over a notebook, then a solution like the Logitech Alto be in order.  The Alto is a notebook stand/riser which elevates your notebook’s screen to a better eye level and includes a full size keyboard (with numeric keypad).  It’s easy to […]

  • Logitech VX Revolution Mouse Review

    by Caleb Schmerge Introduction How often do you scroll in the average sitting at your computer?   Once an hour, once a minute, once every few seconds?   How much do you end up scrolling?   Does it ever get on your nerves? Logitech VX Revolution Mouse (view large image) Logitech did studies that show […]

  • Logitech V550 Nano Review

    by Jerry Jackson The Logitech V500 Nano is the newest compact cordless notebook mouse generating plenty of buzz among laptop users. The V550 uses the same “world’s smallest USB receiver” found on last year’s VX Nano, but the V550 brings something new to the table: the ability to clip directly to your notebook for easy […]